Ordinary maintenance

At present HOIST has more than 200 Regular Maintenance contracts with about 5,000 pieces of lifting equipment under management. Depending on the type of machine, the operating cycles and in agreement with the customer, the servicing takes various forms:


4 maintenance checkups + maintenance every three months

3 check-ups and 1 check-up + maintenance every three months

2 checkups + maintenance at six monthly intervals

1 checkup + maintenance checkup (statutory minimum)

In some special cases and at the request of the customer, we also schedule a monthly service (12 visits)


NB: It should be noted that verification and registration of the ropes and chains are mandatory (according to Decree. 81/2008) every three months but can be done by internally trained staff.


All existing contracts are valid for one year with the possibility of automatic renewal each year.


The main advantages of this service are:


  • Meeting any legal obligations

  • Ensuring the safety of operators

  • Maintaining full efficiency of lifting systems

  • Avoiding predictable failures that lead to downtime resulting in impaired productivity

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