Revamping, Transformations

and Calculating
residual working life

It often happens that a system needs to be modernized / modified to meet changing business needs, or in some cases to meet new standards / technical directives. For this, our technical offices are available for all your requests. To be more specific:


  • Reduction or increase in the flow

  • Reduction or increase in the gauge

  • Amending the lifting speed, the bridge and / or trolley

  • Modification or reconstruction of the electrical system

  • Installation of the load cells with possible video display,

  • Installing remote controls

  • Calculating the residual life


An explanation is necessary on this latter point:

Article. 17 of Legislative Decree no. 81/2008 obliges the employer to undertake the risk assessment of the entire own fleet (including lifting equipment) and therefore also involves the assessment of residual working life. The obligation arises because lifting devices are structured for a determined lifespan, with an actual length that depends on the magnitude of load and the intensity of service.
In accordance with the provisions of rule FEM 9755 (art. 5), in the standard ISO12482-1 (art. A5) and more generally by the manufacturer's instructions, at the expiry of the 10th year, the hoist should no longer be put back into service unless there is an inspection, conducted according to the rules in force, with the aim of determining the remaining working life of the appliance.

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