Double girder bridge crane

Unlike single girder bridge cranes, double girder cranes are designed for higher loads and spans. They can be equipped with either a hoist or winch, and the latter can fulfill requirements and service categories in continuous cycle industries: steel mills, forges, paper mills, glass, etc ... Our sales representatives and technicians will be pleased to advise on you on the most suitable machine for your requirements.


In particular, this type of machine is adopted for its main advantages:

Allow greater lifting height by mounting the lifting unit on the supporting beams.

Meet the need for any flow rate with extremely high loads.

The use of two beams allows for a more stable and contained structure even on large size of lights.

Given their geometry, they enable the installation of mechanisms and lifting units (winches) for heavy and intensive service.


Capacity from 2 Ton to 200 Ton

Spans from 20 m 4 am

Classes of service from the M4 / A4 to M6 / A6


The bridge beams can be supplied with bolted joints, making it possible to transport them with an open top type 40-foot container.

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